We are a global network of NGOs and Trade Unions. We bring together most of the civil society organisations in the cocoa sector, and we are working consistently to address human rights and environmental problems in the cocoa sector.

Our Mission is to be a watchdog and catalyst for a reformed cocoa sector, addressing blind spots and underrepresented issues in the value chain.

Our Vision is a sustainable cocoa sector, in which all stakeholders are able to earn a living income, under decent working conditions, where human rights – and especially child rights – are respected, within a thriving and healthy environment.

Our Core Activities can be ordered into three categories:

  • Informing and coordinating civil society working on sustainable cocoa
  • Ground-breaking research on under-represented topics, and
  • Effective advocacy at global and regional level

Our Strategic Focus is on four areas: Living Income, Human Rights, Environmental Protection, and Transparency & Accountability.